How to Choose a Reliable Trash Company

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Did you just move to the Frederick area? Has your current trash service been subpar? If so, you’re probably in the midst of researching the best service providers. As with any local service, you’ll have several trash pickup provider options that run the gamut from poor to exceptional. Here’s what to look for when making your choice.

Services Offered

Trash companies offer various services for residential and commercial clients. For household customers, many pick up your garbage once or twice a week. Having a consistent day and time for collections helps them provide consistent service while setting your expectations. With a company like ADS, there’s no guesswork about when your trash will be hauled away. They will also help commercial clients manage their waste responsibly. For a more in-depth rundown of residential services you can expect with us, click here!


“I have used ADS for close to 20 years – have never had a problem – use them for yard waste pickup as well and they have always picked up when scheduled.” – Debra Turner


In addition to normal trash/garbage collection, many companies offer additional services. For example, they typically offer bulk pickup for larger items that can’t fit into your regular trash bin. Typically, these services aren’t as frequent as weekly pickup, and generally need to be scheduled by the customer. When we receive scheduling requests like this, we work with you to fit within your timeline!

Of course, there will be times when you’ll need to get rid of a lot of trash in a small amount of time. In these cases, dumpster rentals are the way to go! A reliable trash service provider will likely offer these to commercial and residential customers.

Pricing Structure

Are you paying too much for your trash pickup service?

We’ve all been there; we sign up for a service or buy a product expecting to pay the advertised price, only to encounter numerous additional fees that add up. This is where research can make a difference. If you find a business that offers transparent pricing, you won’t be surprised by your bills and you’ll know you’re working with someone trustworthy. A clear pricing structure is essential in a healthy business/customer relationship!

That all said, be on the lookout for sky-high prices. Of course, you want to pay someone what their time and expertise are worth, but the fact is that some businesses ask too much for some people’s budgets. ADS Trash is well aware of this, and is committed to competitive pricing that works for us and our customers! In addition, we’re committed to making the bill-paying process as simple as possible by accepting a wide range of card carriers and offering online auto-pay options.

Customer Support

A reliable trash company’s service doesn’t stop at picking up trash each week. There will be situations that call for customer service professionals to step in. These interactions should be productive, informative, and as stress-free as possible for the customer! Our team of experts is ready to help you with any questions… commercial & residential.

Choosing Effective Waste Management

The less you have to stress over things like your garbage, the happier you’ll be. If you ever wonder, “Am I paying too much for trash?” we encourage you to reach out.

For more information, reach out to ADS Trash today. We make it our mission to provide exceptional trash pickup and customer service across Frederick, MD—all at agreeable prices!

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